Bridging Loans

We’ve been brokering and advising on bridging loans for almost 10 years and have spent this time building up our relationships with a wide range of providers and lenders in the market place today.

A bridging loan is a useful short term finance facility that allows you to bridge a finance gap until a more permanent solution is in place such as a mortgage for example. What are the uses?

Bridging loans are used for a wide range of reasons. The most popular being for homeowners who need to buy a new house before their existing property has sold. A bridging loan is used in this instance to provide a short term finance solution, and then is paid off in full when their home is sold. Bridging loans are also widely used in the commercial and business world for those who need access to finance quickly to purchase property or complete on an important business deal.

We can offer

  • Bridging loans - £30,000 - £3 Million
  • 1 - 12 months repayment terms
  • Same day bridging loans
  • 1st and 2nd charge loans
  • Open and closed options
  • Max 80% loan to value
  • Low arrangement fees
  • Auction, development and commercial use accepted
  • Fast quotes and loan completions

If you need a bridging loan today or in the future please contact the team and we’ll be pleased to provide you with a no obligation quote.